Company history

Joint stock company «Kazakh-Russian-Kyrgyz joint venture with foreign investments “Zarechnoye” has been established for development of Zarchnoye uranium field located in Otyrar District, South-Kazakhstan Region.

The Contract for Exploration and Production of Uranium at Zarechnoye field in South-Kazakhstan Region, Kazakhstan, No.996 was signed on 23 September 2002.

Geological surveys at the field have been accomplished in June 2004 by defense of the report on reserves at GKZ RoK (Minutes No. 319-04-К,У dated 23.06.2004).

Zarechnoye JV commenced production after obtaining of mining license (letter No.16-09-3/722 dated 27.06.2005).

Preparation of reserves for production through drilling production wells commenced on 1 March 2006.

Zarechnoye mine for drillhole in-situ leaching was put into operation by the State Acceptance Commission on 23 April 2007.

Production of uranium in pregnant solution and production of finished product in form of “yellow cake” commenced in May 2007.

Production method:

а) drillhole in-situ leaching of uranium with silfuric-acid solutions with combined (pump and airlift) lifting of pregnant solutions (PS) and their further transportation;

б)  sorption extraction of complex uranyl-sulphate ions from PS on stron-base anion exchangers with further desorption of uranyl-sulphate ions with nitrate solutions;

в) settlement of uranium from reach eluates with caustic (NаОН) with further filtration of derived pulp and production of finished product in form of sodium diuranate (“yellow cake”);

Control and management of production processes at the section of processing of pregnant solutions is performed through Automated Dispatch and Process Control System.